At Providence Safe Rooms, we offer only
shelters that have been designed and
engineered to SURPASS FEMA's 320/361
guidelines and tested at the Wind Science Research Center at Texas Tech
to withstand EF-5 tornadoes.

STANDARD FEATURES of above ground steel
storm shelters by Providence Safe Rooms.

Our shelters consist of ALL STEEL plate with   structural reinforcement along sides and roof. Each shelter has an additional 10,000 lb rated reinforced roof.  As a result, our Shelters exceed FEMA’s 320/361 specifications and makes this shelter one of the safest, strongest, and heaviest shelters available.   This shelter weighs over 2,600lbs significantly heavier than other manufacturers. Our shelter design has been tested at the Wind Science Research Center at Texas Tech University.  These shelters are purposely overbuilt to protect you and your family.

¼” Steel plate, 34" handicap accessible, (standard on shelters larger than 6 ft.)fully framed with three tornado slide bars. Door opens inward eliminating entrapment from outside debris. We have the strongest standard locking system on the market with an inside security door lock.  Vault type 1" diameter solid steel locking bolts.  (3) Three heavy duty barrel hinges with grease fittings.  These features make our door one of the strongest standard doors available. Available now is an optional illuminated digital keypad deadbolt, because you may not have time to find the keys in an emergency.

Two large vents, covered with steel debris guards. They are located on each side of the shelter.

White baked-on powder coat enamel. Custom colors available at an additional charge.

We drill into your concrete garage or carport slab floor and attach the safe room with 5/8" Simpson Titan Anchors - each bolt is rated for 14,465 lbs of stress.  The anchors are inserted through shelter floor surpassing FEMA's 320/361 guidance for anchoring steel shelters.